It’s a roller coaster. It’s long hours. It’s 6 day work weeks, sometimes 7. It’s more failures than it is successes. It’s trial and error. It’s finding what you love, what you know or what you’re good at and figuring out a way to make a business out of it. It’s a learning curve. And a big one. It’s about adapting. It’s about changes. It’s about learning to appreciate your mistakes.
It’s about love – love for what you are creating. It’s about belief – belief that you can weather the storms, no matter how many of them come at you. It’s about purpose – waking up each morning with a desire to make someone’s life better by what you are building, and not just your own life. It’s about serving others.
It’s persistence. It’s resilience. It’s tweaking. It’s unwavering dedication. It’s hard. …And it’s PERFECT.
I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Work harder than the most in the 9-5 jobs. Go head to head with the competition. Wait for at least a year before you start making any sort of notable income. Get creative
Get original.
Market yourself
Say something that hasn’t already been said a hundred times over.
Seek out your audience.
Put yourself out there.
Face criticism.
Have people not understand why you do what you do.
Face the scoffs when you tell someone you have to work on a Saturday.
Rearrange your priorities.
Move to somewhere with no distractions.
Change your entire life.
Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.