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Hello again 🙂 Thank you so much for visiting my blog! It was an amazing feeling waking up this morning to over 1,200 hits on my very first blog post! My blog launch event took place yesterday at Maizie’s Tea Room. Most of the attendee’s are local, independent, young girls who are business owners that I will eventually be doing posts on. I think it’s incredible that such motivated, young girls are filled with such different talents, making a career based on what they love to do! I think it’s so important to do what you love. Businesses that are built around your strengths and talents have a better chance of success. It’s not only important to create a profitable business, but it’s also so important that your heart is in it! That way your happy managing and growing every day. I was so happy to have my guests come together and network. I love to surround myself with positive people, and advisors who will nurture and support you to become a better businessperson. It was a great afternoon, sipping on lavender, chamomile, and blue eyes tea, surrounded by successful, knowledgeable individuals that all share common interests and mutual business goals that see value in each others work. I had goodie bags for every girl who attended filled with ton’s of beauty products for them to try. These goodies are also some of my favorite skincare or makeup products that I will be doing posts on soon. I wanted my guests to try them, and get familiar with the products! I will be doing giveaways of  goodie bags! This week I have a goodie bag featuring a full sized Model In a Bottle Setting Spray which I adore and use for all of my bride’s. This week’s winner will also receive everything that’s pictured below:

The Giveaway:

Me with the give away goodie bags in my closet!

Photos from yesterdays event


Again, a big thanks to the businesses working with me on this, guests, and supporters!! With all that being said, today I was hired to do a DJ Promo Shoot for my friend Ryder. The shoot was directed by Michelle Barone, the Owner & Operator of Exclusive Events & Promo, and photography by Giacomo Photography. The studio was gorgeous. Driving up to the building it looked like an old, abandoned, factory built of bricks during the early 1900s. Inside, was a whole different story! Gorgeous. I wanted to give Ryder a good “night life” look. I gave her a strong contour, really bringing out her cheekbones & jawline. Contouring & Highlighting can totally transform your face by playing up your beautiful features and downplaying your flaws and they usually go hand in hand. Darker colors push back areas while lighter colors bring them forward. I applied my primer & foundation to her first, smoothing out her face. Then I contoured using cream products from hourglass and makeup forever. When you contour and highlight, you really want to blend, blend, blend!! Lets be serious, who wants severe lines all over their face? Not cute. So blend well!  To contour, you will need a color that is one to two shades darker than your foundation. To highlight, you will need a color that is one or two shades lighter than your foundation.

Areas to Contour

* Under your cheekbones

* Along both sides of your nose

* Bottom of your chin

* Jawline

* Creases of your eyes

* Temples

Areas to Highlight

* Front of the forehead

* Along the bridge of your nose

* Right above your cheeks

* Inner corner of your eyes

* Brow bone

* Center of your chin

 LOL her shoes were not in the shots, so please ignore her socks with the heels! haha! 

Here is from another recent Bridal shoot I did, also using highlighting and contouring techniques … 


Once the professional photos come back from Ryders Promo shoot, I’ll post a few so you can see the makeup in better lighting, and better quality than the quality of my iPhone! Any Makeup questions on highlighting or contouring feel free to leave a comment or email me!

Required Entry to Goodie Bag:

1- Subscribe to my blog & leave a comment letting me know you have done so.

2- Become a fan on Facebook if your not already, at http://www.facebook.com/muahbyalexandria

3-Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, tell me what Breast Cancer Awareness means to you & why it’s important to be aware!

4- Entrants must leave me a valid email address, so I can email the winner & please only enter once!

Good Luck!


Author: muahbyalex

I’m Alexandria, a 22 year young, New York based makeup artist making a name for myself in the fashion & beauty industry. I’ve always been the type of person to go after my dreams. I always loved art growing up, and for me makeup became my art. I consider myself a beauty therapist, tea drinking, event coordinating, very quirky, karma believing, yoga practicing, animal lover who adores fashion, nature, traveling and experiencing what life has to offer! I’m very hard working and have even received awards for it! I have raised over 30 thousand for charities including art scholarship funds, and St. Jude Children’s research hospital. I’m here to share my business, makeup tips, skin care advice, fundraising tips & ideas, local businesses and places I love, what really goes on behind the scenes as a makeup artist, my personal experiences & travels, beauty pointers to my clients, brides, friends, family, and any others that are interested in reading! I have tried, tested, succeeded, loved, disliked, and failed many, many products and brands over the past couple years. I will share them all with you, hoping you can enjoy some of the products I obsess and avoid buying some that I haven’t loved. I’m so lucky many of my favorite companies, brands and businesses have contributed to my blog and donated products for myself and others to share and review. <3

5 thoughts on “Highlighting & contouring”

  1. What did you use to blend the colors in? Your fingers? Did you use powder or liquid?
    Loving this blog post! I was actually going to ask you about contouring and highlighting but before I did you posted it YAYYY! Lol
    xoxo Jessi

    1. I used a small Mac brush to blend in the contoured areas, & I used a product that had a cream consistency to it. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading!

  2. I’m subscribed and already liked 😉

    Breast cancer awareness is imperative for women. Reminding women about the importance of self exams and early detection has kept the survivor rates high.
    Breast cancer tried to take my best friend away but because of early detection she is now a survivor.

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