Halloween: Avoiding a scary day after

 Hello beauties ! I want to first start off saying the thing I enjoy most about blogging with you is the feedback I’ve received and the support I am getting with over 4,000 hits in such a short period of time, I couldn’t be more motivated. It’s hard limiting myself just to 2-3 posts a week! I welcome any questions that might inspire additional future posts. I really couldn’t be happier how amazing this is all going. I do want to take a moment to talk about Hurricane Sandy that recently hit the East Coast. I’m so devastated with all that’s occurred the last several days in NJ, CT and NY resulting from this storm. I just wanted to provide everyone with a really easy way to give back, I know myself I was luckily enough to have very minimal effect and I’m sure some of you have been just as lucky so please just click the link below and give whatever you can.

I know this all seems “a bit commercial” but this is really important. Maybe the most important its ever been for some of us, because its actually in our back yard.. I’m sure you’ve seen some of these photos, but if you haven’t please take a look & help donate ! 
Aerial view of devastation along the barrier islands of Ocean County after Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the Jersey Shore. Lots of fun memories at this place.
108-year-old subway system, which experienced substantial, unprecedented flooding, also all bus services, bridges and tunnels, as well as all Long Island Railroad, and Metro North lines. As of yesterday night seven subway tunnels under the East River have flooded, in addition to commuter tunnels, subway stations, rail yards and bus stations. So weird, we were just in these exact subways and was riding on the long island railroad saturday and sunday! 



So please, ladies & gents.. help donate and help our neighbors in need!  It’s devastating watching the footage of the city and other parts of the East Coast that was affected by Sandy. On a lighter note, how was everyone’s Halloween?! I was pleasantly surprised to see how many kids tricked or treated through the puddles in my neighborhood. I’m glad to see all the little monsters safe and parents squeezing some Halloween fun into these dark days. I had so many trick or treaters this year that I actually ran out of candy, so I had to dump my box of low calorie fruit snacks & granola bars into my halloween bowl… better than pennies the old folks used to hand out, right?! I know Halloween night also means tons of makeup. Chances are you probably had a full face of serious makeup/hair junk/costumery. Hopefully you all washed your faces very well last night, otherwise you probably woke up today with a hot, hot mess of the aftermath. No one needs to see tangled, gross hair… Walk of shame-equue makeup remnants and false eyelash strips hanging off your eyeballs. Whether you were a vampire, zombie, cat or lady gaga you probably used a lot of makeup to achieve the right affect. How is all this makeup going to affect your skin, you may ask? Haha, lets just say that you want to look scary on Halloween… not the day after.. So! Scary time is over, time to erase the evidence and restore your skin. 


First, you want to make sure that your cleanser is a product suitable for your skin type. The right cleanser is KEY! & Remember you don’t have to waste money on expensive cleansers- I personally splurge more on moisturizers containing sunscreen & antiaging Products.  


In the morning, you want to cleanse your face before you put on toner. You then want to apply moisturizer or sunscreen. I buy moisturizers that contain sunscreen in them. My two favorite products being Hylunia Day Moisturizer & Somme Institute’s Double Defense cream. Even if you cleansed and removed all makeup last night, a splash of water in the morning or standing under the shower simply is not enough. 



As you sleep, bacteria builds up on your skin along with oil. After you cleanse your skin in the morning you want to PAT your face dry (not wipe) & let me emphasize that the towel should be clean & changed daily. At night,  your going to want to repeat this process but apply a serum & anti-aging cream afterwards. I cannot emphasize this enough: NEVER GO TO BED WITHOUT CLEANSING YOUR FACE & REMOVING MAKEUP!  Unless you want the result of breakouts and clogged pores. Once in a while if I’m too lazy and exhausted to go through the process of cleansing my face after a night out of dancing, I keep cleansing cloths near my bed. Olay and Biore all make good cleaning pads. Apply a good night cream to ensure that the morning after Halloween, your skin has no resemblance to the Crypt Keeper 😉


I do recommend using Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask. If you don’t want to splurge on this, go into Sephora and ask for a sample. They will make you up a free mini sample that is good for one use. If you don’t want to use Boscia then select a hydrating mask if your skin is on the drier side, and a clarifying mask if your skin tends to be more oily. It will definitely help restore your skin from all that Halloween makeup from yesterday. After the removal of the mask, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. 


& Remember to drink a lot of water to flush out all that candy you munched on… I’m guilty too. Wompppp. 


Now, Thanksgiving may be a month away (which happens to land on my birthday this year), but it’s never too early to start prepping and stocking up on must-haves. Now that Halloween is over, Thanksgiving WILL be here quicker than you know, and winter will slowly creep itself in full bloom. In terms of beauty, here is what’s “in” for fall/winter (sourced by NY Fashion Week)….

-Red is timeless. Bold, red colors, red lips, red tinted blush, red nails… Red is just sexy!

Here’s a few photos at the Red party for Mandy Esposito’s Fashion Show during Fashion week , along with a bride with red lips, and a photo shoot for Kris Hester.


-Big, dramatic lashes with natural, soft makeup look. Clear, natural, toned skin is always in. Minimalist makeup, with a hint of blush enhancing those gorgeous cheekbones of yours, with Lush Lashes… Boom! Here’s some makeup applications I’ve recently done, that incorporated big lashes with natural, soft face makeup..


-Keep your eyes out for headbands! Headbands and head pieces are making a comeback. Look out for jewels, crystals and other embellishments featured on these big headbands, perfect for this fall/winter. 


-Keep it simple, clean, fresh with that little ounce of pop. 


Thanks for reading 🙂 xoxo



Author: muahbyalex

I’m Alexandria, a 22 year young, New York based makeup artist making a name for myself in the fashion & beauty industry. I’ve always been the type of person to go after my dreams. I always loved art growing up, and for me makeup became my art. I consider myself a beauty therapist, tea drinking, event coordinating, very quirky, karma believing, yoga practicing, animal lover who adores fashion, nature, traveling and experiencing what life has to offer! I’m very hard working and have even received awards for it! I have raised over 30 thousand for charities including art scholarship funds, and St. Jude Children’s research hospital. I’m here to share my business, makeup tips, skin care advice, fundraising tips & ideas, local businesses and places I love, what really goes on behind the scenes as a makeup artist, my personal experiences & travels, beauty pointers to my clients, brides, friends, family, and any others that are interested in reading! I have tried, tested, succeeded, loved, disliked, and failed many, many products and brands over the past couple years. I will share them all with you, hoping you can enjoy some of the products I obsess and avoid buying some that I haven’t loved. I’m so lucky many of my favorite companies, brands and businesses have contributed to my blog and donated products for myself and others to share and review. <3

6 thoughts on “Halloween: Avoiding a scary day after”

  1. Okay so in the morning it’s cleanser, toner then moisturizer? And at night it’s cleanse, serum, and anti-aging? Sorry got a little confused lol

  2. I’ve been obsessed with lashes since u gave me the “va va voom” lashes (as we called them) for my wedding! Any tips/pointers for someone trying them out???

      1. Ok on Jan 11 (friday) I’m doing a makeup bootcamp. If you make an apt with me I’ll have a half hour to show you how to do va va voom lashes 😉 also, bring your makeup bag and I’ll show you how to achieve your most glamorous look, using all your own products 🙂

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