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Congratulations to my lovely brides to be! Here are some useful tips and advice regarding your wedding look, which includes your makeup and skin! Your ultimate goal is to look like the most beautiful version of your everyday self. We don’t want to “cover-up” or “mask” you with makeup, but use makeup to enhance your natural features and beauty! A makeup artist is one of the most important vendors you will book for your special day. Here are steps you can follow to prepare for your makeup trial with me.
About 3-4 months before your makeup trial, you really want to be on top of your skincare routine. Cleanse your face daily, once in the morning & once at night using a warm wash cloth to remove the cleanser from your skin. Moisturize every morning & night, exfoliate 1-2 times a week, use an eye cream and constantly applying lip balm for soft, kissable lips from your future hubby. Don’t forget to drink TONS of water every day, which flushes out toxins and really does help make your skin look and feel radiant!  I am a fan of facials (using natural skincare products) So booking 2-3 facial appointments would be great! If you don’t usually have facials, stop the facials approximately 4-6 weeks before your wedding, unless advised by your skin specialist.
If you have skin issues such as acne, I would recommend setting up an appointment to see a dermatologist.. Remember ladies, the better your skin looks, the better your makeup will look on your big day!
Try to grow in your brows! Brows frame the face, you may have never thought of shaping your brows before, but definitely give it some thought now! I usually apply a light powder to help shape the brows, I find powder is more natural then a pencil. But whatever you do, DONT get your brows waxed the day before your wedding or your trial, as makeup won’t take over freshly waxed skin!
When you come to the trial, bring photos from magazines of makeup styles you like. Flip thru bridal magazines, and find an inspiration look you would like to build off of. Bringing photos with you will open the conversation between us, so I can understand what makeup look you are trying to achieve on your wedding day.
Your also going to want to bring a lip color you often wear with you the day of your trial, that way I can get a good sense of what colors you’re comfortable wearing. After our trial run, we will figure out which color you like best and I’ll recommend you buy that color we used, for the day of your wedding so you can reapply all night. I use a setting spray that will hold and set your makeup up to 16 hours, but unfortunately lips will fade regardless, after your drinking, eating, and kissing the groom! Therefore having your own color, your good all night for every photo 🙂
The day of your trial your also going to want to wear a ivory or white top, so we can see how the makeup would look against the color of your dress.
Bring a camera with you, so we can take before/after photos and we can see how your finished makeup look photographs ! Most of my brides like false lashes, if you are not comfortable we won’t apply them but they make a difference in photos as you will see! If you’d like to save the lashes after your trial, you can carefully peel them off starting from the outer corner pulling downwards towards the inner corner of your eye. This way you can save them and use them for your own personal use. You can usually get 3 good uses out of them!
I also recommend booking a hair trial the same day as your makeup trial, that way you can see the whole “look” together. I work with fabulous bridal hair specialists, so if you need a reference feel free to ask!
A trial with me is 1 hour, that way we have enough time to consult, figure out and apply the perfect look for you, come up with a good skin routine for you as well as go over details for the day of the wedding.
The most important thing about your makeup trial is to sit back and have fun! This is one of the most exciting parts to getting married! As for your wedding day, Enjoy every minute of your day, and when the day comes along, don’t worry about other people!  The day is yours to enjoy with your new husband, savor every moment.
Also, kindly remember the best “thank you” you can give your makeup artist is a good review. 🙂 My goal is to make you happy, comfortable and look & feel amazing on your wedding day! For inquiries please email me at . Congratulations on your engagement! See you for your trial 🙂

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